Student Support Services

Each student is created with a unique set of gifts, abilities, and needs as a learner.  Student Support Services  are designed to enhance gifts and abilities as well as partner with teachers to provide for the individual needs of each student in the classroom.

Extended Learning Program (ELP)
To meet the needs of gifted learners who may be ready for additional academic challenges beyond what occurs in the regular classroom, DMCS offers services through the ELP for qualifying students in Grades 7-8.

The ELP facilitator serves as an advocate for gifted students at the high school level and assists them in identifying and securing appropriate coursework.

The Resource program meets the needs of learners who need academic accommodations or additional support with study skills.  The Resource teacher utilizes a variety of instructional strategies to reach the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles and collaborates with teachers to provide classroom supports in the regular classroom.

School Counselors
School counselors advise students about high school course selection, schedules, college entrance requirements, and ACT testing.