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Why Give?

Cory Nikkel | DMC Director of Spiritual Life

As our family enters the season of THANKS and GIVING, we are filled with gratitude.  THANKFUL because I’m a new dad! My wife Courtney and I welcomed our daughter Keira in June. I’m also THANKFUL to be in my fourth year at DMC serving alongside each of you.

GIVING has always been part of my life. Growing up I always had my “10 percent tithe jar” sitting on my dresser, and as I got older, I saw my parents, grandparents and even aunts and uncles modeling giving in their daily lives. As I have been a part of nonprofit and mission work, the generosity of others has allowed me to be part of many life-changing programs. 

The Lion Fund directly impacted me in my role as Director of Spiritual Life when $12,500 was given to the DMC students who were called to participate in our international mission trips. This gift not only reduced the cost of the trip for each student, but truly showed that DMC wants to provide many different experiences that allow students to impact the world right now when they are teenagers.


Imani Nwosa | DMC Student ('30)

Our family has been fortunate enough to be a part of the DMC community for the past seven years. 

Our older daughter Imani is in the third grade. She started in DMC Early Education at the age of three. Our three-year-old daughter Gabrielle, is also now a part of Early Education.

This summer Imani started saving any extra money she received and as well as doing additional chores around the house. We learned that her plan was to give the money she earned to DMC.

Imani was so happy to surprise Elementary Principal Mrs. Lowe by giving her the envelope filled with money she earned. Her wish was for the money to go towards purchasing new library books.


Todd and Lorna Goeldner | DMC Alumni Parents and Grandparents

The year 2020 marks more than 30 years that our family has been a part of the DMC family. Throughout the years, we’ve experienced God’s provision and protection of our school. 

Our daughters Ashley ('05), Courtney ('08) and Stephanie ('11) have graduated and we have four grandchildren.  Our granddaughter Grace is in first grade at DMC, and it gives us tremendous joy watching her learn and understand God’s love for her.  We’ve found there’s no better job in the world than being a grandparent, and watching your life come full circle at this stage is a fulfilling experience.


Sidnee Phillips | DMC Class of 2017

When I transferred to DMC as a freshman, I didn’t know I’d be entering a lifetime community. My four short years there define my friendships and connections. I was involved in volleyball, show choir and student council. DMC made such an impact on me academically, personally and spiritually, preparing me for my next chapter in college and beyond. Right after graduating in 2017, I made my first gift to DMC.

Now I’m living in North Carolina, finishing up my Organizational Studies degree online through the University of Iowa and starting my career at Chick Fil A as Executive Director of a new store opening in Hope Mills, NC. I hope to one day own my own franchise. 

It’s not that I’m super passionate about chicken! But I am passionate about company culture!

At DMC many parents came into the classroom and spoke to high school students about their careers. I realized it’s necessary for Chrsitians to be in business and Chick Fil A is a great alignment with my values.