DMCS Dollars

  • The DMCS Dollars program is an online program available to all families and provides an opportunity for any family to earn credit on their tuition account or their lunch account.  All orders are placed and paid for on-line with Presto Pay.

    To participate, you'll need to set up an account (to shop) and a Presto Account (to pay).   Below are instructions to guide you through the set-up process. If you have questions, please contact the DMCS Dollars Coordinator, Michelle Bailey, at (515) 707-3551.

    Getting Started
  • Orders are processed on Monday mornings.
  • On-line orders received by midnight Sunday will be processed for pick up at the school on Friday.
  • Orders will be available in the Early Education Office or the Elementary Office.
  • Early Education office hours are 7:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Elementary Office Hours are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

How to Process an Order Online

  1. All orders are placed online. Each family needs to create an account by clicking on the" Register" tab at the top right.  From there you will choose "join a scrip program".  At this point it will ask you for your organization's enrollment code, you will need to contact our coordinator for the code.
  2. Once you are into the system you will need to click on the "dashboard" tab at the top. Scroll down under Family Functions and click on "Presto Pay". You will then need to go through the steps to set up your Presto pay account. This will be the only method of payment that will be accepted.
  3. Remember the four-digit PIN you create with Presto Pay - you will need this number each time you place an order.  We recommend you use a familiar number like your debit card Pin number.
  4. "Presto Pay" is used to pay for your order.  The total of your gift cards plus a 15 cent processing fee will be deducted as an ACH transaction when you place your order.  A check option will be listed, but DMCS does not accept payment by check.  If you do not see a Presto Pay option, your account is not set up correctly and you should contact the DMCS Dollars Coordinator.
  5. Presto Pay set-up takes 2-3 business days to fully complete, so set up your account right away if you want to place an order next week. The company verifies your identity and your banking information before you are able to place your first order.  You will need to watch for 2 small deposits into your bank account (around 10 cents each) and report these deposits on the Shop with Scrip website to receive your activation code.
  6. The activation code will be emailed to you.  Please forward this email to the Coordinator who will activate your account.
  7. Please specify where you would like to pick up your order in the Classroom/group line. 
  8. You are now ready to shop!

Shopping Options

  1. Place an order for gift cards, process payment with "Presto Pay", and pick-up your order from DMCS on Friday.
  2. Check out the "SCRIPnow!" vendors.  When you purchase from a SCRIPnow! vendor, you are able to print a certificate that is emailed to you in about an hour. Many vendors will scan the code from your mobile device. Payment is with Presto Pay, and the processing charge for your order is $.15.
  3. Some vendors offer re-loadable cards.  If you have a re-loadable card, you can reload and use as soon as the next day; you do not have to wait for new cards to be shipped to DMCS. Payment is with Presto Pay, and the processing charge for your order is $.15.
  4. Reload now instantly reloads card